Hope everyone is staying cool with this heat. It seemed like ever since Drake dropped his latest album, the weather was just like the cover. But now that the cold is gone, it is time to bring some shorts and tank tops and pop some beers (or be classy like me and do some wine LOL). Anyways, just wanted to make this simple post showing what I feel suits me for the summer since I have chicken legs. Im wearing high waisted dress pants from American Apparel, American Apparel dress shirt with a simple tank top from Urban Outfitters. I been obsessed with my loafers from Zara, since I cant afford the Fur-Gucci loafers everyone seems to be wearing. This look is very Cuban inspired, kinda preparing myself for my upcoming trip to the south. So my next blog post would be from the beach! let me know what you guys think! 

Song inspiration - Theophilus London - Smoke (Ft, Soko)

See You Soon,