Howdy everyone,

So these past few days have been nothing but a roller coaster of sad emotions. I can personally say I been affected so much emotionally since Pulse was a place that I personally used to attend when I lived in Florida. It was a place of celebration of self-expression and love. Also, I was there two nights before the massacre. Hearing these news in Miami was so terrifying. Gracefully, none of the people that I know got attack but I can feel so much pain for the families of these beautiful creatures. All I can say is that my condolences for anyone who was affected by this situation, and we need to stay together as humanity... and remember #lovealwayswins

In another note, I do want to share with you guys that I been wearing in Miami. It is a bit difficult for me to find the right attire for a beach-like-weather. I always say I am way too skinny for Miami but skinny enough for Manhattan. For my aunt was awesome enough to send me some native shirts from Guatemala for me to wear. They are handmade shirts that suit me well for my body.