Howdy There!

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping it cool in this blessed heat. I gotta say, I really enjoy how not-as-intense summer is being, especially how the temperatures drop at night. So for this post, I wanted to share this vintage shirt i found in my old closet in Florida. I never wore it because I just thought it was too much of a pattern. But that was 6 years ago, and now it cant not be a better statement piece. The jeans were actually not made like that, they are actually regular jeans from H&M ($9.99) but with the help of some scissors, I was able to create a pair of 70's pants. I actually created a Depop account under the username styleonthego, and I am actually selling the vintage shirt and a few other items. Also, let's stay more connected and let me know what you guys want to see and post. Name of post inspired by song Irene by Rodrigo Amarante

See ya later!


Photography by Valine Brana (