Sabor A Mi

Strolling downtown Jersey City, couldn't help but feel all of these 60s and 70s vibes. You can't blame me for all this daydreaming I was doing, since those were some of my favorite eras. On my way to get coffee with my best-friend, I decided to step out of the house listening to a cover by Kali Uchis; Sabor A Mi, and got this images in my head of riding in the Cali desert driving a sky-blue convertible. Laugh at me all you want because after you hear this cover, you will feel the same. I found this sweater shirt at Zara on sale, and I think it helps with my idea of a 70's disco vibe. My jeans, which I customize myself with some help of some scissors, gave it that specific cut perfect for my boots.

Photography by Valine Brana